RD-Move RequisitePro-DOORS Data Migration Tool

RD-Move enables you to migrate requirements from IBM Rational RequisitePro to IBM Rational (Telelogic) DOORS.

RD-Move is the only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product of its kind. It is intended to be used for one-time data migration or ongoing, periodic mirroring of requirements. RD-Move can help you avoid the costs and risks of manually recreating RequisitePro documents in DOORS by providing a tool and procedure that yields repeatable results.

Migration Capabilities

How It Works

RequisitePro project, both metadata and requirements, exported to XML.

XML imported to recreate the project, metadata and linkages, or updates requirements.

The two steps can be performed in a disconnected fashion, which provides a solution for multiple groups using different tools but need to exchange information. For example, if a prime contractor on a project uses RequisitePro and one of its subcontractors uses DOORS, the prime contractor can provide periodic updates of their RequisitePro requirements to that subcontractor. If the two are on different secure networks, the prime can use RD-Move to save its RequisitePro requirements to XML and provide the XML file to the subcontractor. The subcontractor would then load the XML into RD-Move and use it to update DOORS.