ClearTrace for DOORS: ClearQuest/DOORS Integration

Built with both ClearQuest and DOORS users in mind, ClearTrace™ for DOORS provides a robust, two-way integration between IBM Rational ClearQuest and Telelogic DOORS. If it is combined with Multi-Site capabilities of ClearQuest, ClearTrace provides an effective mechanism to replicate DOORS requirements between development sites, enabling you to manage geographically distributed software development and testing.

  • Simple, native access to data from both DOORS and ClearQuest. When local clients for both are present, users can access cross-environment functionality.
  • Robust scaleable access to “real world” data volumes which may span multiple databases.

ClearTrace for DOORS has been validated by IBM as Ready for IBM Rational software.

Access to Data - Simple, Native, Scaleable

For DOORS users

Visibility of ClearQuest records, completely within the DOORS environment.

Visibility of ClearQuest records, regardless of DOORS platform - Windows, Unix, Web are supported.

Visualize, Report, and Analyze links between DOORS requirements and ClearQuest records. Utilizes native DOORS linking mechanism: object links. DOORS trace and analysis wizards can be used to understand impact and relationships of defects and change requests linked with requirements.

Ability to include ClearQuest records in baselines or archives.

For ClearQuest users

Visibility of DOORS requirements, completely within the ClearQuest environment.

Visibility of DOORS requirements, regardless of ClearQuest platform - Windows, Eclipse, Web are supported.

Visibility is scaleable – client-side loading of DOORS modules is eliminated.

Visualize, Create, Report, and Analyze links between DOORS requirements and ClearQuest records. Utilizes native ClearQuest linking mechanism: references.

Ability to leverage "suspicion" of traces - knowing which ClearQuest records are affected by changes to DOORS requirements.

Access to Functionality

For DOORS Users

Submit new records to ClearQuest. New records are automatically associated with selected DOORS objects.

Associate existing ClearQuest records with selected DOORS objects.

View and Modify ClearQuest records.

Perform workflow actions on ClearQuest.

Interaction with ClearQuest leverages native ClearQuest user interface and forms. Using native forms means that any customizations your organization has made to ClearQuest forms, permissions, or other behavior will function properly.
For ClearQuest Users

Navigate directly to DOORS requirements.

Navigate directly to DOORS modules.

View DOORS requirements (including all attributes, embedded OLE content, links, and history) from ClearQuest without installing DOORS on your local computer

General Features