Ring-Zero Software provides solutions, services and training based on strong expertise with a wide range of development tools.

We deliver innovative testing, requirements management and defect tracking solutions which provide lasting value to many Fortune 100, defense and government customers. Our work involves helping customers achieve traceability and cross-vendor interoperability goals, building integrations between commercial development tools and home-grown tools, migrating data between tools, and delivering custom training packages.

ClearTrace for DOORS

Built with both ClearQuest and DOORS users in mind, ClearTrace™ for DOORS is a robust integration between IBM Rational ClearQuest and Telelogic DOORS. ClearTrace also provides an effective way to replicate DOORS requirements between development sites, enabling you to manage geographically distributed software development and testing.
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RD-Move is a tool for migrating IBM Rational RequisitePro projects to DOORS. It is intended to be used for one-time data migration or ongoing, periodic mirroring of requirements. RD-Move can help you avoid the costs and risks of manually recreating RequisitePro documents in DOORS by providing a tool and procedure that yields repeatable results.
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